• November 30, 2010

    5 reasons

    (as this is the last week of nablopomo I have decided to go back to my favorite sort of blog to write. get ready for lots of lists!)

    I know lots of people probably feel this way lately, but I just can’t help but fall more in love with for emma, forever ago every time I listen to it. so for anyone who doesn’t yet love bon iver – and for the few of you who read this – here are…

    5 reasons I am in love with the wisconsin woods (and a certain man from them):

    (also, listen to this while you read)

    1. wonderful food for my introverted soul. sustains my peace in chaos. calms my wandering, worrying, wondering spirit.

    2. justin vernon (who ostensibly is bon iver) went thoreau on us and recorded almost the entirety of for emma in a remote cabin in the woods (this one was in wisconsin, not massachusetts, though). the result, much like walden in some strange way, is a piece of art that is completely stripped down and simplified to only what is necessary.

    3. the lyrics…oh, the lyrics. honest and raw. simple and complex. lovely. painful. lonely. the images that his words evoke are concrete yet completely baffling at the same time. they are bitter at some parts, but completely open and vulnerable in all. they are so beautifully heart-broken that they make me cry without even knowing why…and I think I am okay with that.

    4. due to the whole “recording in the middle of the woods” thing, the music that accompanies the lyrics perfectly matches their rawness. for most of the tracks the music is simple and broken down to only what is needed. the album’s sound is (surprisingly) like nothing I have ever heard. even those tracks that have more than the basics – the ones with horn intros and overlapping vocals and percussion that sounds like someone threw a drum set across the room – only serve to enhance a sense of stripped down aloneness. and the cacophony of noise at some points is so overwhelming and comforting at the same time.

    5. it reminds me that to be introverted and maybe a little isolated is okay. to be sad is okay. to be lonely is okay. because sometimes to be isolated does not paralyze, but inspires and comforts. and because in all of it, I am learning the intricacies of who I am.

    Please go listen to the rest of the album. It may not change your life, but it sure is pretty.


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    1. i love you carrie, and i love this post! and the list of 100 things you love. i want to make that list someday soon! i like knowing what you love. i really do like this music. i’ve heard it before, but never like this, not after reading your description. I love how you put words to the usually unexplained things in life. you are beautiful and have a wonderful gift!

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