• January 26, 2012

    phrases i overuse

    someday I’ll figure out why I say the things I say. I’ll trace back all these little phrases to their origin. the best friend. the kids at youth group. the episode of friends. I know they all came from someone. because sometimes I just really like the way certain words sound together. and so I say them in succession over and over. and over. someday I’ll figure out just why that is.

    but right now it is late and I am tired and I have approximately 27 minutes to post or this whole nablopomo thing will be bust. and so the list is short tonight. the list of phrases I overuse.

    1. here’s the thing.

    2. I think I might die. (sometimes I exaggerate. just sometimes.)

    3. are you kidding me?

    4. in my mind…

    5. hey friend!

    6. so good!

    7. that’s amazing!

    8. let’s be real.

    9. oh no. (just like phoebe says it.)

    10. that’s great.

    11. for the most part.

    12. may or may not…

    13. my favorite thing ever. (see #2)

    14. well, there’s that.


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    1. Ginny says:

      okay. another reason we are soulmates. phoebe’s “oh no” is my favorite. like, i seriously told athena the other night that i want it as my ringtone.

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