• April 24, 2012

    currently :: 4

    I’m almost done with the recaps. just venice is left. but friends, there’s still so much to say. so many images and words and thoughts and people to remember in this little corner of the internet from that little corner of the world. I imagine it will come in bits and pieces. an image here. a list there. it will come as it comes, I suppose. but sooner or later it will run its course on the blog. and whenever that happens I think I’ll be a bit sad. so just stick with me a little longer.

    but today it is raining. and this weekend it was raining. and the rain covers me like a blanket and I just want to listen to beautiful music and read beautiful words and spend time with beautiful friends. and so that’s what I’ve been doing lately. it’s been a lovely way to ease back into DC life as slowly as possible.

    listening: music for spring mix by threading in the choirs. (he makes the best ones.) brian eno. joni and james.

    reading: the principles of uncertainty. gilead. kinfolk volume 3.

    attending: wendell berry live at the kennedy center. needtobreathe live at the 9:30 club.

    watching: anis mojgani (at my alma mater, no less!) on connection and nobility and magic and science.
    “making of” videos. dr. horrible’s sing-along blog.

    tasting: breakfast (with this girl, no less!) at northside social. all the goodies I brought back from italy.

    painting: my nails. this color. because I needed a little color.


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    1. wait, wait wait, I love the photo. And, Wendell Berry! In DC! Last night, and I didn’t know!!! I hope you drank it in!

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