• July 18, 2012

    currently :: 5

    so this little hiatus was unintended. but in the midst of derecho power-outages and moving away from sycamore street, I was without internet for quite a few weeks. and despite the crippling lack of the bachelorette in my life, I’ve been really very okay with it.

    if I’m being honest, this change has not been the easiest. this move has been harder than all the others. I’m confident in the direction I’m headed. and yet. doubt has come easy. anxiety has come easy. peace, not so much.

    but I don’t need to talk about that now. I don’t need to talk about the new job that brought me not one bit closer to home, but definitely closer to a southern drawl. I don’t need to talk about the new city that reminds me so much of portland, I feel homesick and at home all at once. I don’t need to talk about the apartment I now live in (by myself!) with a kitchen the size of a postage stamp. that is all for another day. for now, the best way to ease back into internet and blogging life is to make a list. of course.

    watching: the entirety of arrested development. (oh, and then meeting buster bluth (aka tony hale) on my first day of work. no big deal.)

    reading: the best space trilogy. confessions. great house. wendell berry on sabbaths.

    listening: a lot of worship. lcd soundsystem. here we go magic. beach house. and call me maybe. over and over again. (if you tell me you haven’t listened to that song more than once, I will most definitely call you a liar.)


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