• October 8, 2012

    this weekend

    Nashville_6 Nashville_14 Nashville_18 Nashville_12

    some things that happened:

    records and re-reading and recovering from so many trips and so many “new girl in town” extroverted attempts.

    friends in town give me a reason to play host. and clean my apartment.

    flea market finds include the best of reader’s digest, sunflower yellow chairs for le dining room, and (steal of all steal) a hand-embroidered $3 (three dollars!!) throw pillow perfect for that orange arm chair bought a few weeks ago.

    carrie mae weems at the frist. oh, and I bought myself a membership, finally succumbing to the fact that art museums (well, the one art museum there is in nashville) are not free anymore.

    reading in the sun with fall breeze finally making an appearance.

    finding this years’ perfect fall blazer.

    breakfast with old friends and new friends and friends still to make.

    used books at mckay’s. six for $30 makes it almost as good as powell’s (but not totally). woolf and wiesel anthologies. eggers. chabon. coetzee. throw in a little $1.50 cleave to round out the mix.

    coffee with even more friends in town. catching up and dreaming up.

    church and groceries and even a little movie watching thrown in.

    the first weekend (in so many weekends) that this place actually feels like home.




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