• May 27, 2013

    nashville necessities GIVEAWAY winner!

    friends! I am overwhelmed by the number of people that connected with me through this little corner last week! especially those of you who I’ve not talked with in a little while…it’s exactly what I hoped the blog would accomplish. you all are the absolute BEST.

    I counted up all the people who signed up to receive updates and who left comments on the GIVEAWAY post, and the winner is….JENA! yay for you, friend! I’ll email to get your (new!) address and send it along this week. I must say, this fits perfectly into my scheming to get all my portland peeps out here! I do wish I could send all of you a little something though. I suppose I’ll just have to do a few more GIVEAWAYS in the near future…

    pic name pic name
    pic name pic name

    In other news, today I have the day off for memorial day. it feels a bit weird to not be celebrating and remembering the great people who have served our country with a visit to arlington national (my secret little tradition the past three years), but I am no less thankful for them. and I am also thankful for an extra day off. oh, how I am thankful for that.

    this weekend was full of all things quintessentially nashville. the undeniably talented (and fun!) daniel ellsworth and the great lakes at the high watt. mini-succulent potting party for a wonderful friend’s wedding next week. a long walk and much-needed time with my favorite twin.  a little hootenanny. lunch with amazing new friends and digging through the stacks at mckay’s (I can’t decide if I love that place…or if it just really makes me miss powell’s. a little bit of both, I suppose.) homemade pizza. and finally, a bottle of wine and gluten-free snacks snuck into a late showing of gatsby. in retrospect, I may have over-exerted myself in the social department just a bit, but what a wonderful, life-giving weekend it was.

    knowing that the weekend would be overwhelmingly full, I planned ahead and reserved today for a date with my introverted self. that’s right, I make plans to be introverted. I am nothing if not prepared. so after an amazing lunch at merchant’s with out-of-town friends, I said no to everything else I needed to say no to. the funny thing is, I am the sort of introvert who actually loves to be by myself in public. there’s just something about being able to sit quietly and watch life move around you in all it’s organized chaos. (plus, I know that if I were stay at home today I would just end up watching all 15 episodes of the new arrested development.)

    if there’s one thing I miss about dc, it’s the days that I took to the city on my own, walking through neighborhoods and museums and various groups of people participating in various acts of life. of course, nashville is quite different from dc, so I’m still learning to adapt. dc totally spoiled me with all it’s free art, so one of the first things I did when I got to nashville was to buy a membership and memorize the exhibition calendar at the frist center for the visual arts. I didn’t quite love the exhibit today (sorry, ancient art), so after a quick walk-through, I planted myself outside of the cafe where I’ve been for the last hour or so. today it’s sunny and warm. there’s a good chance I would be more comfortable inside with air conditioning, but I’m determined to stay outside as much as possible before the stifling summer humidity hits. plus, there’s a great breeze blowing, which makes the hairs on my arms stand up and rustles the trees in a pleasant, springy sort of way.

    have I mentioned that I am absolutely in love the frist? it’s a bit small, but the exhibits change often enough that if I come every couple of months, I’m always bound to see something new. more than that though, I just love the feel of it. the clean lines. the minimalistic black and white. the muted voices and quiet steps. space to think and look and be inspired. it sort of reminds me of that perfect guggenheim gallery in venice. and anything that reminds me of venice. well, I’m kind of in love with that.




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    1. Stacey says:

      Sounds like an awesome weekend, so glad I was able to catch you for a little part of it :). I couldn’t help clicking over to your Venezia post and it reminded me of lots of fun times, thanks for the inspiration!

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