• June 4, 2013

    life in a snow globe

    so there’s this awesome thing called nablopomo. it stands for NAtional BLog POsting MOnth. officially, it’s annually in november, but it’s so popular that it’s kind of an every month thing too. this month, the theme is roots. not saying I will write about that topic exclusively, but I do want to try to write on the daily, so maybe this will keep me going. I’m already a day late. but here’s hoping.


    thinking about roots makes me think about tahoe. for obvious reasons, because that’s where I grew up. but for not so obvious reasons too. I will be the first to admit – as soon as I graduated from high school I ran as fast and far out of there as I could. and I never really looked back. and I definitely don’t regret all the places I’ve lived and experiences I’ve had since then. but that place. it just kind of sticks with you in ways that you can’t really explain. and now, every time I go home, I am increasingly thankful that I got to grow up there. and increasingly sad to live so far away. because like most things that are good in quiet, unassuming ways, I totally took it all for granted.

    so yes, if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you will call me a cheater for reposting this little list from a few years ago. but really, I couldn’t start a month about “roots” without talking about some of my favorite lessons from that little hometown of mine.


    1. how to build an epic snowman. it’s all about the accessories. obviously.

    2. how to shovel a car out of snow. while there’s still a blizzard going on. my dad thought this would be a good lesson for me to learn. he thought it would make me appreciate life and my car and the world around me. it did not.

    3. how to exploit nature. yes, I was the girl who sold you a pine cone from my backyard for $5. yes, I could negotiate up to $20 for a sugar pine. yes, you were the dumb tourist who agreed to all of this. don’t even ask me how much I made selling tiny bottles of water containing the different “colors” of the lake (food coloring was most certainly involved).


    4. how to drive a boat before learning how to drive a car. also, who even gets to learn how to windsurf these days? regular surfing is so overrated in my opinion.

    5. how to stack firewood like a boss. every summer, my dad would come home with loads and loads of huge rounds of timber. and every fall, we would have “family fun day, “during which we formed a dysfunctional sort of assembly line in order to cut and stack all that damn wood for the winter. I don’t know if I would call it “fun” but I did learn my way around a giant wood splitter. and my spatial abilities when it comes to stacking hundreds of logs are unmatched. these skills come in handy all the time in my life as a lumberjack. oh wait…


    6. how to wear a halloween costume over a snowsuit. or how to wear a snowsuit as a halloween costume. (see bunny ears channeling my good friend, ralphie.)

    7. how to get hopelessly lost in the wilderness and not worry about it. my unbeatable lack of navigation proved itself at a young age when I would be playing in the forest that was my backyard and suddenly find myself completely lost. after the third time I stopped even worrying about it. I knew I would find my way back somehow. or mom would send the police to find me.


    8. how to apply snow chains. yes, I learned on a four-wheeler.

    9. how to drive on ice and in snowstorms. I became so talented that I would often drive to school in a complete blizzard unfazed. while applying makeup. skills. and complete stupidity.

    10. how to “keep tahoe blue!” and “don’t feed the bears!” the two favorite town taglines taught me the importance of water clarity. and the fact that if you leave food open in your car you may have a bear living inside it by the morning.


    11. how to appreciate nature. terrifically cliche to say, I know. but let’s face it. how can you live in a town surrounded by snow covered mountains, with north america’s second largest fresh-water lake right in the middle and not understand, at least a little bit, the vast intricacy and phenomenal beauty of the natural world? and did I mention? stars for days out there, folks. the. best.


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    6 Responses

    1. Taylor says:

      This made me smile. I love the pictures of little Chorton. Also, if I buy firewood will you stack it for me? I was previously unaware of these skills.

      • carriehorton says:

        Girl, I will definitely help you stack wood if you ever buy it. (But hopefully you never will. It’s a terrible chore!)

    2. Brie says:

      Oh my goodness this makes me miss my home so much! We had such similar childhoods. :) Great post, Carrie! Thanks for sharing.

    3. Stacey says:

      Were you trying to convince me to move to Tahoe? :) You had me at epic snowman…

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