• June 11, 2013

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    my sweet and wonderful friend natalie got engaged last week. natalie, who I’ve known my whole life. and for better or worse, I’ve loved just as long. talk about roots. mine go the deepest with her. her sister was there when I was born. her mother is my namesake. through births and deaths and fires and floods and the most life you can fit into a few decades. her family is my family. my story does not make sense apart from her.


    she is, in every good way, my opposite. when we were young, my favorite thing to do was to sit quietly and read. her favorite thing to do was to play make-believe. we usually ended up doing the latter, and while she often made me be the dad in our “family,” I can’t blame her for pushing me out of my introvert shell just a little bit. I mean, that girl has an imagination. I remember pretending that we were the orphaned children of the king and queen of all the world and that the stairs in her house were a big green dinosaur we were riding to far-off destinations like the taj mahal and the egyptian pyramids and the statue of liberty. you know, things like that. and have I mentioned? sass for daysss. I mean, just look at her face in most of these photos. that girl knows what’s up. always has. in total juxtaposition to my painfully stumbly, stuttery awkwardness in any situation remotely social, she owns every room she walks into with her easygoing confidence and positivity.


    we used to jump on the trampoline in my backyard imagining what it would be like to live with boys and be moms like our moms and have a house of our own with a dog and a cat. over the years we’ve hit rough patches every so often but in the end, she’s always the one I come back to. the one I’m most excited to see when I go home. the one I think to call when I have something happy to tell. when I have something sad to tell. when have something of anything to tell, really.


    and now, we aren’t on the trampoline anymore. we aren’t even in the same town anymore. but that girl, she still has an imagination. she still has sass for daysss. she imagines a life that she loves and goes after it. no matter if it’s living in new york city for a while. or adopting stray cats and naming them izzy. or loving boys named tyler who take her on boat rides and live in little log cabins with her and propose while walking on the beach of the lake we grew up splashing around in. she loves fiercely and fully. she cares for others in ways that most people do not. she is my friend and I love her. and I love that she is getting married and will one day be a mom like our moms and have a house of her own with a dog and a cat.


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      This is lovely.

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