• June 14, 2013

    a few from the weekend


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    it’s almost this weekend. but I’m still processing last weekend. so much good packed into a little bit of chaos:

    saturday morning brunch at cafe fundamental with lovely shanna (photo credit on that first one). quiche and coffee and a pear and almond pastry that is not to be messed with.

    bubbles blowing in the playhouse and berries picking in the yard. grow faster, little berries! you are delicious!

    quick runs to 8th avenue antiques and barista parlor and even a bit of reading thrown in.

    celebrating almost one year at blood:water mission (are you kidding me?!) with an arrested development-themed event. buster bluth is my favorite renaissance man. archeologistjuice lover. motherboy. sometimes coma patient. tony hale is even better. hilarious and kind. blood:water advocate. not at all given to crippling panic attacks. a genuinely wonderful and authentic human being.

    the young international kicking things off. wishing I could have heard more instead of making a quick change and running off to…

    wedding celebrating! my first nashville friend and the boy she used to come visit in dc. marveling at how life just comes together in such a perfect circle sometimes.

    brunch number 2 (this time at marché) because dear friends were in town and because I became a honest-to-goodness member of a church (for the first time since, well, ever). and also because you can never have brunch too many times.

    shovels and rope. at the ryman. after a wait that felt like forever, but was totally worth it. fun and wonderful and life giving. and this song. be still my heart.

    and a little band called dawes. I was a bit skeptical at first. but oh, what a talented bunch they are. from california, no less! lately, all I hear are songs about tennessee and mississippi the mason dixon line. but they sang about san francisco and the western skyline. and all that west coast pride came flooding back. along with the smallest measure of homesickness for mountains and evergreens and dry heat (god, this humidity might be the death of me). and it sure made me glad that in just a few weeks time that’s exactly where I’ll be.




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    1. Jacqueline says:

      Fun pictures! It does look like it was a great weekend!!

      • carriehorton says:

        Jacq! I would LOVE it if you came and had a fun weekend with me too! Let’s catch up and get something on the books soon!

    2. Sabrina says:

      I love you. Hi!

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