• July 1, 2013


    last week was a rough one. (hence the quietness around here.) it was full of those little (and big) disappointments that come in realizing that life is different than you planned. that it is not, as it turns out, exactly how your sophomore self imagined it while sitting in her dorm room, eating twizzlers and talking with her roommates about the great possibilities of the future. dream jobs are not always the dream. the world’s timing very rarely falls into sync with your own. pay checks are less than you thought. (thanks, government.) bills are more. people are fallible and your heroes will disappoint you. life, you know, is just different.

    I wrote a post so many months ago about leaving dc. it was one I felt like I had written a dozen times before. about a fear that flashes in my mind like neon everytime I leave a place I’ve come to love with people that have become my family. because with every move, it seems more unlikely that I will find friends as good as the friends I am leaving. I worry that, somehow, I have met my quota of good people. but again. and as always. God is ridiculously faithful. and when I doubt he can do it, he just proves me wrong. again and again.

    so last week was bad, but you know what? it wasn’t. because it proved to me – again – that they are still there. roommates who let me vent while making me homemade ginger ale (with a generous helping of whiskey). friends who listen and let me cry and then turn on some justin for an impromptu dance party. because they know that justin makes all of life bearable. little notes hidden in little places. words of encouragement and affirmation and proof that I am exactly where I need to be even when it sometimes doesn’t feel that way. even when it feels like I uprooted my life only to end up being disappointed. but the disappointment is not the main thing. it’s not even anything. the world is daunting and overwhelming. but their presence is more overwhelming still. and for that I just don’t even know how to be thankful enough.

    {photos from christina’s surprise party. fried chicken. mac’n’cheese. watermelon. tennessee honey in mason jars with paper straws. southern comfort at its best.}



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    1. Shanna says:

      Amen. I love encouragement, small and big, and the way it reminds me He sees me. I also love this pictures! So fun! : )

    2. Anna says:

      Carrie! I love your honest words, and they certainly hit home. Yes, life is hard, and often not how we expected it to be. But as you so beautifully pointed out, God’s faithfulness is abundant. And I love the way he showers his grace on us via true friends, notes of encouragement, and even dance parties :) Looking forward to seeing you in August!

      • carriehorton says:

        Thanks Anna! Your blog always reminds me that even in the midst of lots of life happening, there is still loads of grace and friends and dinner parties to be had :) Can’t wait to celebrate Miss Maria with you soon!

    3. Stacey says:

      Beautiful words and photos as always, thanks for sharing and brightening my rough day with your words of wisdom. I MUST have a copy of Em’s photo, it’s so perfect!! Let me know what your going rate is :)

      • carriehorton says:

        Stacey! Can you believe that at our next dinner party there will be ANOTHER ISOM there?!?! I am so excited to meet him! And you can have that pic of Em (and all the other ones I took) for free…of course :)

    4. nicole says:

      i LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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