• August 18, 2013

    26 things before 27

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    the birthday list took a break the past few years. and I’ve got to be honest – I really missed it. even though so many things on the list tend to be smaller in nature, it’s just nice to give myself a to-do list that isn’t based on things I have to do, but on things I really want to do but never seem to find the time for.

    so. in the wake of twenty-six. I give you…

    26 things to do before I turn 27

    1. go to the ballet.

    2. walk across st. john’s bridge. (done)

    3. get to know theo dressler. because that kid will love me if I have any say in the matter. (done)

    4. start grad school. (at least a little bit.)

    5. bake a pie from scratch.

    6. throw a nashville party. (done)

    7. spend one quiet day in my favorite city. full of books. and coffee. and a friend who I’ve known for so long, but too rarely seen. (done)

    8. write more letters.

    9. take a day trip to chattanooga. (done)

    10. take a weekend trip to asheville.

    11. sample whiskey at its source.

    12. celebrate summer at the woods.

    13. learn to let it go. (again. it needs to be on the list again. because sometimes I am just too sensitive for my own good. ugh.)

    14. cook up some sprouted kitchen.

    15. france. maybe france. I’m not sure if it’s feasible at this point but a girl can dream, can’t she?

    16. master the art of lightroom.

    17. photobooth at the ace hotel. (done)

    18. read the biography of an amazing woman I don’t know about yet. (suggestions please?)

    19. fill a room with balloons. because who doesn’t love a room full of balloons?

    20. learn how to develop my own film.

    21. hit the porter flea. (done)

    22. fill up the pictorial webster’s with my own words.

    23. get one more little permanent mark.

    24. volunteer at the nashville rescue mission.

    25. add to the record collection.

    26. buy a typewriter. that actually types.



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    1. Stacey says:

      I would love to be involved with 5, 9, and 24, and I think 17 is definitely feasible… you have to go!!

      • carriehorton says:

        Stace! I was actually thinking you could help me with 5…and maybe help me learn some French?! Seriously though…want to trade French lessons for babysitting? :)

    2. Maria says:

      Love this! You will really enjoy Chattanooga…it’s a cool city. I had to look up St. John’s Bridge. Gorgeous!

    3. Lindsay A says:

      Carrie! Biography recommendation – “Fierce Compassion: A Biography of Abolitionist Donaldina Cameron.” I treasured this book as I read it!

    4. Taylor says:

      You forgot one thing on your list:

      Visit Redding, California and have terrific adventures with Taylor Mobley

      Also…I want to make a 24 things before 25 list…but my birthday was in May…is it too late?

      • carriehorton says:

        How could I forget that?! It will happen :) And no! It’s not too late for a 24 before 25 list…you just may have to make sure it’s attainable!

    5. Rachel says:

      Hey, just catching up on these posts! I needed more of you after chatting today! Anyway, great list! Heard of “I am Malalah”? Read that biography! She’s an inspiring young feminist and pacifist!

      • carriehorton says:

        Rach! Talking to you…if only for a few minutes…is so good for my soul. You are such a huge part of my heart. You know that, though :) Anyway, yes! I actually think that might be the bio that I read! I’ve been fascinated by her the past few weeks and just found out she has a book. Thanks for the rec! I love you so much, dear friend!

    6. Autumn says:

      Um. So apparently you changed blogs a while ago and I am only now just catching up. I love your list this year. I just passed my birthday and decided not to do one for various reasons so I am going to live vicariously through you. Love you friend. It makes me happy to see how settled you are in Nashville. Not that I ever doubted the power of Tennessee :-) Hugs!

    7. KT says:

      Carrie! Let’s make #11 happen soon!!

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