• September 16, 2013

    number nine

    number nine on the list and I am officially in love with chattanooga. things started off a bit rocky and pretty much everything we planned didn’t happen, but in the end we were okay with it. because being spontaneous every once in a while is good for girls who always like to have a plan. and because it just gives us another reason to return for the things we missed.

    here’s a few things we didn’t miss…

    walks up and down the pedestrian bridge across the great tennessee.

    photo 3-3

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    fancy birthday dinners at the most fun of farm-to-tables. wild mushroom risotto and fresh garlic flatbread and the biggest roasted brussels sprouts you ever did see. and did I mention…covered in balsamic bacon marmalade? let that sink in a minute. even my little vegetarian self had to get a bite (or seven) of that action. and in the end there was even a happy birthday balloon blown up with dry ice. I don’t know how it happened, but it was pretty epic.



    brunch at whole foods, which was not our first choice (or our second), but turned out for the best. because where else would we have been able to practice our paula abdul workout moves?



    knitting mill antiques. with its impeccably organized booths. and the glassware that I forgot from my childhood. and maybe the best vintage children’s book collection I’ve seen yet. be still my heart.


    pic name pic name

    the hike that was supposed to be first thing on saturday finally happened last on sunday. lookout mountain and views of valleys and rolling hills and a sky dark like a black and blue bruise. and again with the random thunderstorms that had us racing to the top and barely pausing to take a look around before heading back down again. my paranoid, worst-case self was about 87% sure that we were going to get stranded in the crevice of a mountain or get blown off the side of a cliff. but my melodramatic mind made it back down to the bottom with adrenaline coursing through my veins and not too wet from the rain.

    and that car ride home. blasting the worst top 40 (I’m talking about you, one direction). and justin timberlake. always justin timberlake. and realizing that as much as I loved chattanooga, what I really loved was the people I went with. how we talked of hard things and silly things and danced in the middle of whole foods. and I realized how thankful I am. again. that’s what I always come back to these days. thankfulness and gratitude that seep into the days that are dark like a black and blue bruise. and remind me that there is so much light if only you look around into the faces you share life with.



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