• October 31, 2013

    lincoln city



    number 3 on the list and an overcast ocean to boot. I don’t really know what to say about these photos except for the fact that I really love the pacific northwest coastline. gray waves under a gray sky and clouds that sit right on top of the horizon line and rainboots that keep the sand from getting in between your toes. because that’s how to works on the oregon coast – you wear layers instead of bikinis and galoshes instead of sandals. and I love that.  and I love the mist and the damp air and the light leaking through the clouds playing tricks on your eyes and your camera lens.

    and I REALLY love becca and tim and theo. especially theo. it’s crazy when your friends have babies. he’s like this weird, but amazing amalgam of two of your most favorite people in one tiny body. and he looks at your best friend with so much trust and dependence and you can’t believe you’re old enough to have other human beings look at you that way. and she looks at him the same way, with the knowledge of this relationship only the two of them share, prompting you to wonder, just for a second if you even know her at all. (but of course you do. she’s still your best friend. who is just in charge of another human life. no big deal.) and for some reason, his smile makes you smile and your arms sort of ache when he’s not in them.









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    1. Jyndia says:

      Ah! I love this post. I love this post because you two are some of my favorite people. I love this post because you two have a kind of friendship that is rare. The kind of friendship that is born out of true authenticity. The kind of authenticity that is born out of a love for each other. And that, is truly a pleasure to be a part of. I am so blessed to know you both. To have mentored and to have been a mentee of you both is pretty incredible. Just wanted to let you know how much I love you both!

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