• November 7, 2013

    portland, i love you {part 2}


    number seven on the list and maybe my most favorite day in portland.


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    first was a long lunch with a pretty neat lady I’ve always admired and loved for her honest, authentic, uber-creative blogging habits. we’ve not spent much time together, but she has been one of my most favorite people to keep up with over the years. we ate at the grilled cheese grill. nashville may have one of it’s own, but this was the first food truck to feature grilled cheese…and it’s on a double-decker bus, no less! and here’s the best part – your order is placed not under your own namesake, but under the name of the famous people you may wish you could be. for example, I have always dreamed about what it would be like to be a notorious rapper with a cool name about spying on puppies. and you know what? I sure did feel “snoopadelic” when they called out “snoop doggy dog” and I skipped on up there to get my sandwich. although, I think they may have gotten my name wrong again. but I digress. the grilled cheese grill. check it out. after lunch, we wandered over to a shop belonging to one of andrea’s friends. wanderlust is full of all of the things I love and if I could have packed an entire extra suitcase with colorful, beautiful, vintage treasures from this store, I would have been a happier, if not slightly less financially-stable girl.


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    next, we decided to surprise ava and make a donut fun-run to my (old) neighborhood donut store. I’m telling you, annie’s donut shop CANNOT be beat. it may not be as famous as a few others, but annie’s is consistently the most delicious (and cheap!) donut store in portland. plus, it doesn’t brag about how awesome it is, which makes me love it all the more (I’m looking at you, voodoo). oh man, it was so good to see ava. she is, by far, one of the coolest people I know. has been since those early days when I was her sunday school teacher and she would calmly draw me pictures of her favorite hello kitty friends while the other munchkins ran around creating chaos. (I totally still have them.) it’s odd to know someone as a 7-year-old and then watch them grow up from afar, via blog photos. but in so many ways, she is exactly the girl I thought she would become – quiet and thoughtful, full of a centered and confident sense of who she is (can my 26-year-old self get some of that?), and such a wise and humble head on her shoulders. and did I mention? she’s got creativity coming out of her ears, just like her mama. those two are just so. much. good. I wish they would move back to the south already.


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    and finally. the one constant. powell’s is a must when it comes to portland visits. every. single. time. in between every trip, I actually keep a running list on my phone of random books that I cannot find anywhere, but just know will be at powell’s. and they are always there. just waiting for me to find them and stuff them into my suitcase and love them forever and ever, amen. you better believe that I always come to portland with extra space in my luggage for all that goodness. this time around, I kept the book-count to 11. which is much less than my last trip two years ago, which included three books of poetry by czeslaw milosz and a kombucha starter kit. if heaven is a place on earth, I am 99% convinced that it is powell’s.



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    1. andrea says:

      oh girl, thank you. I love this. times one hundred. times one thousand! what a great day that was and what a treat to spend the afternoon with you. xoxo

      • carriehorton says:

        oh girl, you just make life the funnest. even when you are sad, you still see and share so much joy with others. in blogs or in real life. I’m thankful for you. and ava too.

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