• November 14, 2013

    portland, i love you {part 3}


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    number two on the list and so many college flashbacks. not just of solitary walks across st. john’s on the days I felt too overwhelmed to be around people or anything other than blue sky and green steel. but flashbacks too of the outdoor life lived in portland. of hikes at forest park and multnomah falls. of one billion parks (okay, 279) pleasantly stuffed into neighborhoods and city blocks. of the swings at alberta and the roses at peninsula and the fountains at jamison square.

    flashbacks too of water water everywhere – always falling and all surrounding. making all things new and green and lush and alive. of running through puddles on the way to class. of huddling under hoods but always refusing umbrellas (because true members of portlandia never use an umbrella). of falling asleep to the sound of raindrops. of waking up to the sound of raindrops. of so much rain rain rain, I couldn’t help but write about it. of bridges crisscrossing the willamette and columbia.

    flashbacks too of days spent waiting for the clouds to break. of the rare occasion of a sunny day, when everyone everyone flocked outside with dogs and strollers and bikes and basketballs. when we would walk to new seasons and buy fresh bread and cherries and kombucha and sit on a sturdy cement park bunch and let the sun seep into our semi-seasonally-depressed skin.

    flashbacks too of summers spent driving with the windows down and playing ultimate frisbee at the park after church. of evening walks around the neighborhood, saying hello to neighbor kids on bikes and neighbor chickens heading into their urban coop for bed. of movies in the park and markets under burnside and impromptu trips to the coast.

    life in portland was as much out as it was in. full of reminders that the natural world will always seep into the urban world. it will make itself known. and we will take its presence for granted until we move away and find that not every city has one billion parks and skies so blue they look painted and rain that falls forever, but reminds us that everything washes away and eventually becomes new again. the outdoor life lived in portland was very fine indeed.



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    1. Are these all from your film camera? I love them.

    2. andrea says:

      gosh I love this, carrie. beautiful words, beautiful images. xx

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