• December 5, 2013

    plastic molds

    a lot of days (most days), I measure myself against standards I have allowed to become standards. I worry about how tall I am and how much I weigh and if my clothes are cool enough. I don’t often compare myself to magazines…I’ve learned enough to know how totally airbrushed those things are. but I do compare myself to roommates who are lovely and tall and beautiful or friends who exude poise and class or even to random strangers who I think are prettier than me because their cuticle beds (or something equally insignificant) are better than mine. I buy clothes and I reinvent my “look” and I do what I do…all because I long to be seen as beautiful.

    and then of course, I watch videos like this and the people featured are just SO beautiful. their smiles fill up the screen and I am absolutely flabbergasted that mannequins defined as “flawless” are preferable to the extraordinary bodies before me. it blows my mind that in a world full of so much real physical beauty, we seek to create plastic molds that are not like any of us. and then we seek to emulate them.

    beauty is in the eye of the beholder. and if we see the beholder as the world we currently inhabit, videos like this will always be needed to remind us of the truth. the truth that the beholder is not a cultural standard or another person. it is not even our own selves. the beholder is the one who created us. in his image. broken and beautiful.

    {two more extremely impacting spots from pro infirmis here and here.}




    4 Responses

    1. Stacey says:

      Wow, love that video!

    2. Christina says:

      Loved this. So powerful and so needed.

      • carriehorton says:

        I was just about to send this to you after our conversation today! I’m glad you’ve seen it already! It gives me such a different perspective about…everything. You are beautiful, Christina!

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