• December 7, 2013

    the porter flea


    number 21 on the list and I am just breezing through it, if you ask me. (although I may eat my words come july and I am still exactly as far as I am right now.) the porter flea was just okay. it was kind of like what etsy would be like if if existed in real life. and only had things from nashville creatives. which, don’t get me wrong, is awesome. I think my ambivalence mostly came from the fact that when you explicitly use the word “flea” in your title, I expect flea. and I get really excited. about digging through piles of junk to find slightly rusted hidden treasures. about pieces with history and character and a story. porter flea had some awesome stuff, but it was kind of all similar and kind of all REALLY expensive (oh hey there, cutting board with a $700 price tag). I guess in the end it was really just a result of mixed-up expectations.

    I did manage to walk out of there with this print, which I love more than anything. and maybe it’s fitting that I got it at the porter flea, where the reality didn’t quite meet my expectations. because I don’t think the savior of the world starting out as a baby born in the middle of a barn met anyone’s expectations either. I don’t think anyone saw that coming. isn’t god cool like that?


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    1. Beautiful! I love chelsea petaja’s stuff.

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