• December 12, 2013

    things i miss


    today I read a ridiculous leslie knope-inspired meme about how to get through your college finals. and all of a sudden I missed college. and the time in my life when my biggest stressors centered around aforementioned finals. and writing 10-page papers at the last minute because I had first decided to watch seasons 1-4 of friends for the seventh time. here are a few other things I miss:

    1. riding a bicycle.
    2. the feeling of not having a cell phone all the time.
    3. the extra row of seats (barely) bolted into the back of the blue explorer. facing backwards, making me car-sick everytime.
    4. n’sync.
    5. watching it’s a wonderful life on christmas eve. because dad insisted it was tradition. it was also tradition that he fall asleep before the opening credits.
    6. disposable cameras.
    7. working at a coffee shop.
    8. my college apartment.
    9. jumping on the trampoline in the backyard.
    10. playing oregon trail during recess. not the computer game. actually pretending to be on the oregon trail. I was always the one who ended up getting typhoid and dying early. in the end, I guess we were kind of morbid children.
    11. star-gazing.
    12. the first blizzard of winter. snow days.
    13. mixtapes made off the radio.
    14. reading peter and wendy for the first time.
    15. seeing améile for the first time.
    16. the pacific northwest coastline.
    17. writing papers. because I’m a nerd.
    18. building homecoming floats.
    19. school pride.
    20. thanksgiving walks at fallen leaf.
    21. the first week of officially having my license.
    22. dominic’s laugh.
    23. my creaky, wobbly white metal daybed. with a trundle for sleepovers.
    24. real fires in the fireplace.
    25. powell’s.
    26. nannying.
    27. writing letters. snail mail.
    28. going to the library. summer reading challenges.
    29. lisa frank school supplies.
    30. taking naps.

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