• December 22, 2013

    currently :: the weekend edition

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    you guys. I have serious writer’s block. (also – and I’m not actually sure this is a real thing – I think I have photographer’s block too?) I have nothing I can think to write about. this is partially because my mind has been going in so many directions this week that I’m having a hard time thinking in coherent thoughts, let alone complete sentences. in my own defense, this may also have something to do with the fact that I am writing this while sitting at a coffee shop without earbuds (mistake no. 1), trying to plan out my life (mistake no. 2), being forced to overhear the awkwardly loud, awkwardly inappropriate conversation of the girls sitting next to me (mistake no. 3…on their part). so I’m just going to stop rambling here and make another list. of all the fun things I did this weekend. because it was fun and involved so many of you who read this blog and I think we need to relive it a little bit. also. because I have writer’s block.

    throwing: christmas cocktail parties with roommates (those crazies up there) at the lilly pad. (yes, we’ve named our house because doesn’t everyone?) I was worried that we would not have enough food and we had way too much. katie and jaclyn successfully made peppermint bark and cheesecake oreo bites and peanut butter buckeyes…which I didn’t know are a thing but totally are. we also successfully made a signature gin cocktail. but not a whiskey punch. because who knew that when you try to heat sugar, it turns into caramel, not simple syrup? (we did. but we forgot.) in the end though, all that mattered is that our friends put on their best party attire and hung out with us. because we really REALLY love our friends. they are the coolest. (also…number 6 o nthe list!)

    eating: peppermint bark and cheesecake oreo bites and buckeyes. and breakfast at marché. obviously I’m taking christmas eating quite seriously this year.

    seeing: a delightfully unique version of a christmas carol at TPAC. subsequently feeling nostalgic for the days when dad horton acted in yearly productions…and pulled five-year old carrie into being a cratchit kid. I did NOT like being the center of attention (or anywhere on the stage), but I do have fond memories from it.

    dancing: the night away in honor of sweet friend’s birthday. while wearing tacky sweaters and earrings made out of mini ornaments and paper clips. at times, jaclyn and I were the only two dancing. but you know what? we were totally okay with that.

    feeling: a little bit stupid for driving to said party during a tornado warning. we almost got hit by a bucket whipping across the intersection of 12th and wedgewood like a tumbleweed. and we had to sit in the car for 20 minutes once we got to the party while the rain fell like we were in the middle of a carwash. we are nothing if not adventurers.

    watching: one direction: this is us. I’m not even ashamed a little bit. and I can’t decide which of the five I love best. harry’s so cute and charming (but could very well be a jerk). niall’s so fun-loving and playful. zayne’s so serious and thoughtful. I’m like paul rudd. speaking of paul rudd, I also watched anchorman (the first one) for the first time. ever. and loved it. nothing but high-brow indie art-house films for this girl.

    {I’m sorry this post was completely ridiculous. and I’m glad you all still love me in spite of it.}


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    1. Early Merry Christmas, Carrie! I want you to know that I’ve loved hearing your voice here on the blog this month (and before then), and I think the things you have to say are things worth saying. I like the way you see the world. Hugs and love to you — until next year (!) — and ps please don’t drive in tornado warnings anymore (NIGHTMARE!). : )

      • carriehorton says:

        Merry Christmas, Shanna! I want YOU to know that you have been one of my biggest blogging inspirations this year…and general life inspirations too :) You have no idea how many times I hop over to your blog throughout the week – whether for a good recipe or a reminder of what is good and true and beautiful in life. I am thankful for how you live with intention and positivity and are genuinely compassionate and kind to others. It’s been one of my greatest joys to get to know you this year!

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