{taken in italy. obviously I am still reeling from a breakfast of espresso and gelato, two of my essential food groups.}

    I am carrie and I am a lover of coffee and books and music and things that are beautiful. but most things, if you look hard enough, are really quite amazing. so I unabashedly overuse the word beautiful. also, amazing. I like to read stories, fiction or otherwise, that remind me that we truly are a world full of “glorious ruin.” I am unequivocally and equally in love with joni mitchell and justin timberlake. everyday I receive loads of grace I don’t deserve and rarely give enough of.

    my home is in the mountains of nothern california and the seemingly endless rain of portland, oregon. these are the places I will always love most. the places I will forever embrace as my most distinct places of origin. and yet, somehow life has transplanted me further and further away from them. first, to the swamps and mind-numbing traffic of washington, dc. and now, to nashville, tennessee, a place I love more than I ever imagined I could despite the fact that I still can’t quite wrap my head around country music and southern accents. I am trying to get used to stifling heat instead of mountain air. I am trying to get used to changing leaves instead of evergreens. some changes are easier than others, I suppose.

    in one of my most favorite books, joan didion writes of “the ordinary instant” and how it is not so ordinary. she reminds us that it is most often the seemingly minor details that change everything. the details that remind us that we are not isolated from one another or from the world and the life on it. these are the details we miss if we don’t look carefully enough. these are the insignificant moments that are not so insignificant. the unnoticed gesture of kindness. the unseen movement of character. the afterthought. these are the details I love. the details I thrive on.

    so that’s what this is about. this little corner I have claimed for my own. the details. the little things that inspire me. the ordinary instants. the “gaping life” that is poised in the casual moments. I will observe. I will notice. and I will share it with you. and I would love it if you wanted to share a bit with me too.

    thanks for being here!