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  • December 7, 2013

    the porter flea


    number 21 on the list and I am just breezing through it, if you ask me. (although I may eat my words come july and I am still exactly as far as I am right now.) the porter flea was just okay. it was kind of like what etsy would be like if if existed in real life. and only had things from nashville creatives. which, don’t get me wrong, is awesome. I think my ambivalence mostly came from the fact that when you explicitly use the word “flea” in your title, I expect flea. and I get really excited. about digging through piles of junk to find slightly rusted hidden treasures. about pieces with history and character and a story. porter flea had some awesome stuff, but it was kind of all similar and kind of all REALLY expensive (oh hey there, cutting board with a $700 price tag). I guess in the end it was really just a result of mixed-up expectations.

    I did manage to walk out of there with this print, which I love more than anything. and maybe it’s fitting that I got it at the porter flea, where the reality didn’t quite meet my expectations. because I don’t think the savior of the world starting out as a baby born in the middle of a barn met anyone’s expectations either. I don’t think anyone saw that coming. isn’t god cool like that?

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  • December 6, 2013

    photo (booth) friday

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    number 17 on the list and I have officially (sadly) exhausted all my portland memories. the photobooth at the ace hotel has been on my bucket list forever. mostly because of this lady and her genius friday ritual. sweet jyndia and I had the best time…after we figured out that it started taking pictures immediately upon your payment (hence that first one with my face caught unaware and my mouth forming an unintended expletive in surprise). gosh I love those black and white grainy photos that drop into the little slot still a bit damp from their fresh development. nothing better, I tell you. nothing better.

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  • November 14, 2013

    portland, i love you {part 3}


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    number two on the list and so many college flashbacks. not just of solitary walks across st. john’s on the days I felt too overwhelmed to be around people or anything other than blue sky and green steel. but flashbacks too of the outdoor life lived in portland. of hikes at forest park and multnomah falls. of one billion parks (okay, 279) pleasantly stuffed into neighborhoods and city blocks. of the swings at alberta and the roses at peninsula and the fountains at jamison square.

    flashbacks too of water water everywhere – always falling and all surrounding. making all things new and green and lush and alive. of running through puddles on the way to class. of huddling under hoods but always refusing umbrellas (because true members of portlandia never use an umbrella). of falling asleep to the sound of raindrops. of waking up to the sound of raindrops. of so much rain rain rain, I couldn’t help but write about it. of bridges crisscrossing the willamette and columbia.

    flashbacks too of days spent waiting for the clouds to break. of the rare occasion of a sunny day, when everyone everyone flocked outside with dogs and strollers and bikes and basketballs. when we would walk to new seasons and buy fresh bread and cherries and kombucha and sit on a sturdy cement park bunch and let the sun seep into our semi-seasonally-depressed skin.

    flashbacks too of summers spent driving with the windows down and playing ultimate frisbee at the park after church. of evening walks around the neighborhood, saying hello to neighbor kids on bikes and neighbor chickens heading into their urban coop for bed. of movies in the park and markets under burnside and impromptu trips to the coast.

    life in portland was as much out as it was in. full of reminders that the natural world will always seep into the urban world. it will make itself known. and we will take its presence for granted until we move away and find that not every city has one billion parks and skies so blue they look painted and rain that falls forever, but reminds us that everything washes away and eventually becomes new again. the outdoor life lived in portland was very fine indeed.



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  • November 7, 2013

    portland, i love you {part 2}


    number seven on the list and maybe my most favorite day in portland.


    pic name pic name

    first was a long lunch with a pretty neat lady I’ve always admired and loved for her honest, authentic, uber-creative blogging habits. we’ve not spent much time together, but she has been one of my most favorite people to keep up with over the years. we ate at the grilled cheese grill. nashville may have one of it’s own, but this was the first food truck to feature grilled cheese…and it’s on a double-decker bus, no less! and here’s the best part – your order is placed not under your own namesake, but under the name of the famous people you may wish you could be. for example, I have always dreamed about what it would be like to be a notorious rapper with a cool name about spying on puppies. and you know what? I sure did feel “snoopadelic” when they called out “snoop doggy dog” and I skipped on up there to get my sandwich. although, I think they may have gotten my name wrong again. but I digress. the grilled cheese grill. check it out. after lunch, we wandered over to a shop belonging to one of andrea’s friends. wanderlust is full of all of the things I love and if I could have packed an entire extra suitcase with colorful, beautiful, vintage treasures from this store, I would have been a happier, if not slightly less financially-stable girl.


    pic name pic name

    next, we decided to surprise ava and make a donut fun-run to my (old) neighborhood donut store. I’m telling you, annie’s donut shop CANNOT be beat. it may not be as famous as a few others, but annie’s is consistently the most delicious (and cheap!) donut store in portland. plus, it doesn’t brag about how awesome it is, which makes me love it all the more (I’m looking at you, voodoo). oh man, it was so good to see ava. she is, by far, one of the coolest people I know. has been since those early days when I was her sunday school teacher and she would calmly draw me pictures of her favorite hello kitty friends while the other munchkins ran around creating chaos. (I totally still have them.) it’s odd to know someone as a 7-year-old and then watch them grow up from afar, via blog photos. but in so many ways, she is exactly the girl I thought she would become – quiet and thoughtful, full of a centered and confident sense of who she is (can my 26-year-old self get some of that?), and such a wise and humble head on her shoulders. and did I mention? she’s got creativity coming out of her ears, just like her mama. those two are just so. much. good. I wish they would move back to the south already.


    pic name pic name

    and finally. the one constant. powell’s is a must when it comes to portland visits. every. single. time. in between every trip, I actually keep a running list on my phone of random books that I cannot find anywhere, but just know will be at powell’s. and they are always there. just waiting for me to find them and stuff them into my suitcase and love them forever and ever, amen. you better believe that I always come to portland with extra space in my luggage for all that goodness. this time around, I kept the book-count to 11. which is much less than my last trip two years ago, which included three books of poetry by czeslaw milosz and a kombucha starter kit. if heaven is a place on earth, I am 99% convinced that it is powell’s.



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  • October 31, 2013

    lincoln city



    number 3 on the list and an overcast ocean to boot. I don’t really know what to say about these photos except for the fact that I really love the pacific northwest coastline. gray waves under a gray sky and clouds that sit right on top of the horizon line and rainboots that keep the sand from getting in between your toes. because that’s how to works on the oregon coast – you wear layers instead of bikinis and galoshes instead of sandals. and I love that.  and I love the mist and the damp air and the light leaking through the clouds playing tricks on your eyes and your camera lens.

    and I REALLY love becca and tim and theo. especially theo. it’s crazy when your friends have babies. he’s like this weird, but amazing amalgam of two of your most favorite people in one tiny body. and he looks at your best friend with so much trust and dependence and you can’t believe you’re old enough to have other human beings look at you that way. and she looks at him the same way, with the knowledge of this relationship only the two of them share, prompting you to wonder, just for a second if you even know her at all. (but of course you do. she’s still your best friend. who is just in charge of another human life. no big deal.) and for some reason, his smile makes you smile and your arms sort of ache when he’s not in them.







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  • September 16, 2013

    number nine

    number nine on the list and I am officially in love with chattanooga. things started off a bit rocky and pretty much everything we planned didn’t happen, but in the end we were okay with it. because being spontaneous every once in a while is good for girls who always like to have a plan. and because it just gives us another reason to return for the things we missed.

    here’s a few things we didn’t miss…

    walks up and down the pedestrian bridge across the great tennessee.

    photo 3-3

    pic name pic name

    fancy birthday dinners at the most fun of farm-to-tables. wild mushroom risotto and fresh garlic flatbread and the biggest roasted brussels sprouts you ever did see. and did I mention…covered in balsamic bacon marmalade? let that sink in a minute. even my little vegetarian self had to get a bite (or seven) of that action. and in the end there was even a happy birthday balloon blown up with dry ice. I don’t know how it happened, but it was pretty epic.



    brunch at whole foods, which was not our first choice (or our second), but turned out for the best. because where else would we have been able to practice our paula abdul workout moves?



    knitting mill antiques. with its impeccably organized booths. and the glassware that I forgot from my childhood. and maybe the best vintage children’s book collection I’ve seen yet. be still my heart.


    pic name pic name

    the hike that was supposed to be first thing on saturday finally happened last on sunday. lookout mountain and views of valleys and rolling hills and a sky dark like a black and blue bruise. and again with the random thunderstorms that had us racing to the top and barely pausing to take a look around before heading back down again. my paranoid, worst-case self was about 87% sure that we were going to get stranded in the crevice of a mountain or get blown off the side of a cliff. but my melodramatic mind made it back down to the bottom with adrenaline coursing through my veins and not too wet from the rain.

    and that car ride home. blasting the worst top 40 (I’m talking about you, one direction). and justin timberlake. always justin timberlake. and realizing that as much as I loved chattanooga, what I really loved was the people I went with. how we talked of hard things and silly things and danced in the middle of whole foods. and I realized how thankful I am. again. that’s what I always come back to these days. thankfulness and gratitude that seep into the days that are dark like a black and blue bruise. and remind me that there is so much light if only you look around into the faces you share life with.

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  • August 18, 2013

    26 things before 27

    photo (1)

    the birthday list took a break the past few years. and I’ve got to be honest – I really missed it. even though so many things on the list tend to be smaller in nature, it’s just nice to give myself a to-do list that isn’t based on things I have to do, but on things I really want to do but never seem to find the time for.

    so. in the wake of twenty-six. I give you…

    26 things to do before I turn 27

    1. go to the ballet.

    2. walk across st. john’s bridge. (done)

    3. get to know theo dressler. because that kid will love me if I have any say in the matter. (done)

    4. start grad school. (at least a little bit.)

    5. bake a pie from scratch.

    6. throw a nashville party. (done)

    7. spend one quiet day in my favorite city. full of books. and coffee. and a friend who I’ve known for so long, but too rarely seen. (done)

    8. write more letters.

    9. take a day trip to chattanooga. (done)

    10. take a weekend trip to asheville.

    11. sample whiskey at its source.

    12. celebrate summer at the woods.

    13. learn to let it go. (again. it needs to be on the list again. because sometimes I am just too sensitive for my own good. ugh.)

    14. cook up some sprouted kitchen.

    15. france. maybe france. I’m not sure if it’s feasible at this point but a girl can dream, can’t she?

    16. master the art of lightroom.

    17. photobooth at the ace hotel. (done)

    18. read the biography of an amazing woman I don’t know about yet. (suggestions please?)

    19. fill a room with balloons. because who doesn’t love a room full of balloons?

    20. learn how to develop my own film.

    21. hit the porter flea. (done)

    22. fill up the pictorial webster’s with my own words.

    23. get one more little permanent mark.

    24. volunteer at the nashville rescue mission.

    25. add to the record collection.

    26. buy a typewriter. that actually types.



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