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  • December 22, 2013

    currently :: the weekend edition

    pic name pic name

    you guys. I have serious writer’s block. (also – and I’m not actually sure this is a real thing – I think I have photographer’s block too?) I have nothing I can think to write about. this is partially because my mind has been going in so many directions this week that I’m having a hard time thinking in coherent thoughts, let alone complete sentences. in my own defense, this may also have something to do with the fact that I am writing this while sitting at a coffee shop without earbuds (mistake no. 1), trying to plan out my life (mistake no. 2), being forced to overhear the awkwardly loud, awkwardly inappropriate conversation of the girls sitting next to me (mistake no. 3…on their part). so I’m just going to stop rambling here and make another list. of all the fun things I did this weekend. because it was fun and involved so many of you who read this blog and I think we need to relive it a little bit. also. because I have writer’s block.

    throwing: christmas cocktail parties with roommates (those crazies up there) at the lilly pad. (yes, we’ve named our house because doesn’t everyone?) I was worried that we would not have enough food and we had way too much. katie and jaclyn successfully made peppermint bark and cheesecake oreo bites and peanut butter buckeyes…which I didn’t know are a thing but totally are. we also successfully made a signature gin cocktail. but not a whiskey punch. because who knew that when you try to heat sugar, it turns into caramel, not simple syrup? (we did. but we forgot.) in the end though, all that mattered is that our friends put on their best party attire and hung out with us. because we really REALLY love our friends. they are the coolest. (also…number 6 o nthe list!)

    eating: peppermint bark and cheesecake oreo bites and buckeyes. and breakfast at marché. obviously I’m taking christmas eating quite seriously this year.

    seeing: a delightfully unique version of a christmas carol at TPAC. subsequently feeling nostalgic for the days when dad horton acted in yearly productions…and pulled five-year old carrie into being a cratchit kid. I did NOT like being the center of attention (or anywhere on the stage), but I do have fond memories from it.

    dancing: the night away in honor of sweet friend’s birthday. while wearing tacky sweaters and earrings made out of mini ornaments and paper clips. at times, jaclyn and I were the only two dancing. but you know what? we were totally okay with that.

    feeling: a little bit stupid for driving to said party during a tornado warning. we almost got hit by a bucket whipping across the intersection of 12th and wedgewood like a tumbleweed. and we had to sit in the car for 20 minutes once we got to the party while the rain fell like we were in the middle of a carwash. we are nothing if not adventurers.

    watching: one direction: this is us. I’m not even ashamed a little bit. and I can’t decide which of the five I love best. harry’s so cute and charming (but could very well be a jerk). niall’s so fun-loving and playful. zayne’s so serious and thoughtful. I’m like paul rudd. speaking of paul rudd, I also watched anchorman (the first one) for the first time. ever. and loved it. nothing but high-brow indie art-house films for this girl.

    {I’m sorry this post was completely ridiculous. and I’m glad you all still love me in spite of it.}


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  • December 2, 2013


    tonight, all I can do is listen to philip glass over and over and over again. and make a completely unnecessary run to the grocery store with jaclyn for root beer and double vanilla ice cream. and page through the j.crew winter catalog with katie. and read the namesake. tonight, that is all there is. there are no activities to run off to. no photos to be taken. no words to be written. even in the most planned life, there are still moments that sneak in the back door and surprise me in their unexpected simplicity of joy. there are still moments of nothing but impromptu rootbeer floats and philip glass and a new pomegranate + spruce candle. and these moments. these are the ones I always end up being the most thankful for.


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  • May 23, 2013

    currently :: 6

    I am a girl who loves a list. here’s everything else that I’m loving recently.

    inspiring: living sculpturesabsurdly talented friends who get to go to paristrailers that are so beautiful, I fear the actual movie might just make me explode.

    reading: the amazing adventures of kavalier and clay. john greena good man is hard to findthe bridge to san luis rey.

    watching: I would feel negligent if I was not re-watching arrested development seasons 1-3 in anticipation of what’s coming.

    listening: new daft punk (also, please listen to this remix and start your weekend dance party a bit early). alt-jjustin timberlake. justin. timberlake.

    {in case you’re not sick of me saying it yet, don’t forget about the GIVEAWAY!}

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  • July 18, 2012

    currently :: 5

    so this little hiatus was unintended. but in the midst of derecho power-outages and moving away from sycamore street, I was without internet for quite a few weeks. and despite the crippling lack of the bachelorette in my life, I’ve been really very okay with it.

    if I’m being honest, this change has not been the easiest. this move has been harder than all the others. I’m confident in the direction I’m headed. and yet. doubt has come easy. anxiety has come easy. peace, not so much.

    but I don’t need to talk about that now. I don’t need to talk about the new job that brought me not one bit closer to home, but definitely closer to a southern drawl. I don’t need to talk about the new city that reminds me so much of portland, I feel homesick and at home all at once. I don’t need to talk about the apartment I now live in (by myself!) with a kitchen the size of a postage stamp. that is all for another day. for now, the best way to ease back into internet and blogging life is to make a list. of course.

    watching: the entirety of arrested development. (oh, and then meeting buster bluth (aka tony hale) on my first day of work. no big deal.)

    reading: the best space trilogy. confessions. great house. wendell berry on sabbaths.

    listening: a lot of worship. lcd soundsystem. here we go magic. beach house. and call me maybe. over and over again. (if you tell me you haven’t listened to that song more than once, I will most definitely call you a liar.)

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  • April 24, 2012

    currently :: 4

    I’m almost done with the recaps. just venice is left. but friends, there’s still so much to say. so many images and words and thoughts and people to remember in this little corner of the internet from that little corner of the world. I imagine it will come in bits and pieces. an image here. a list there. it will come as it comes, I suppose. but sooner or later it will run its course on the blog. and whenever that happens I think I’ll be a bit sad. so just stick with me a little longer.

    but today it is raining. and this weekend it was raining. and the rain covers me like a blanket and I just want to listen to beautiful music and read beautiful words and spend time with beautiful friends. and so that’s what I’ve been doing lately. it’s been a lovely way to ease back into DC life as slowly as possible.

    listening: music for spring mix by threading in the choirs. (he makes the best ones.) brian eno. joni and james.

    reading: the principles of uncertainty. gilead. kinfolk volume 3.

    attending: wendell berry live at the kennedy center. needtobreathe live at the 9:30 club.

    watching: anis mojgani (at my alma mater, no less!) on connection and nobility and magic and science.
    “making of” videos. dr. horrible’s sing-along blog.

    tasting: breakfast (with this girl, no less!) at northside social. all the goodies I brought back from italy.

    painting: my nails. this color. because I needed a little color.

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  • March 13, 2012

    currently :: 3

    watching: a professional display of no handed bike moves. (impatiently awaiting summer days to practice cup of tea.) midnight in paris. (again and again and again.)

    browsing: amazing photography. (this set gets me every time.) beautiful bookstores. the lively morgue.

    reading: italy day by day. waiting for god. the hunger games. (all three in one week, if you must know.)

    listening: bombay bicycle club live at the 9:30 club. lucy rose. gabriel yared. xavier rudd.

    eating: not a whole lot thanks to feeling ill all the time. but I’ve been known to consume kombucha with fervor in times like this. so that’s making a comeback.

    what are you currently loving this week?

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  • February 25, 2012

    currently :: 2

    currently loving is a new series to recognize the details I am loving this week. or month. or whenever I am inspired to write about them.

    watching: one night screening of re:generation music project documenting some pretty fresh beats.

    reading: nine stories. italy day by day.

    browsing: dialogue tales collaboration over at hitRECord. helpful timeline re:syria.

    listening: youth lagoon. the tallest man on earth. dr. dog.

    eating: smushed avocado, mixed with lemon juice, sea salt, and red pepper flakes, and spread on toast.
    turkey, cranberry, and brie on pumpernickel from devon & blakely.

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  • January 28, 2012

    currently :: 1

    this list is wholly inspired by that great friend that I get so many good ideas from. in the midst of a million things going on in my head and a thousand decisions to be made there have also been so many little things that have made me recognize all that is true and good and beautiful.

    in no particular order, all the things I am currently loving in january.

    1. polaroid blue skies. they don’t come around too often these days.

    2. the work and ideas of kinfolk.

    3. tulips. especially in the midst of cold that bites through your skin and settles in your bones.

    4. that canon ae-1. I think I am in love.

    5. nablopomo.

    6. the poetry of czeslaw milosz.

    7. blank canvas experiments.

    8. planning an italian adventure.

    9. keeping the christmas playlist around for just a bit longer.

    10. fixing the record player. finally.

    11. photographing things. or not photographing things.

    12. degas dancers at the phillips collection.

    13. rediscovering what I am passionate about.

    14. instagram.

    15. laughing when things are so out of control it’s ridiculous.

    16. getting to know great street art. like hense.

    17. les misérables. well now I am loving that I finally finished it. totally worth the time people. totally.

    18. strong black tea and vanilla soy milk.

    19. music from m83. and I break horses. and gotye. and definitely bon iver. always bon iver.


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  • June 18, 2011


    in my hiatus from blogging I was not, in fact, hiatusing from inspiration. there was a ton of inspiration to be had. more than I can even list. but here are just a few things that have done the job over the past few months.

    1. weekend vacations – often times, being what some might call an “adult” is overwhelmingly hard. sometimes you just feel inadequate and ill equipped to rise to the challenge. but the good thing about being what some might call an “adult” is that in these moments you also have the ability to step away. to get out of town just for a weekend. to give yourself a break. to remind yourself that your heart is beating and pulsing and regenerating. to think and imagine and create. and it is really great when being what some might call an “adult” means you can rent a hotel room all by yourself. and wander around annapolis. and write. and take pictures of people resting and breathing just as you are resting and breathing.

    2. let the great world spin by collum mccann – how wonderful to find a little book that makes you happy you are alive and know how to read. the images he paints with his words are just incredible. and for a little while his characters became my best friends. only the greatest of books can do that.

    3. fear – it seems antithetical. but sometimes the best inspiration for action is fear. fear of things changing. of things staying the same. fear of loss. of gain. fear of God.

    4. helplessness blues by fleet foxes – I can’t stop listening to them. it is a problem. their harmonies are perfect like simon and garfunkle. their lyrics are indelible and raw and honest. and all those instruments being traded around the stage and played impeccably by any one of the six members? I just can’t get enough. I am pretty sure I need to move back to the pnw as soon as possible so I can increase my chances of meeting robin pecknold.

    5. the bay bridge – so long and high and suspended in that beautiful, impossible way. it goes on forever in a way that makes you think that if you just keep driving straight you will drive right out into that hazy sky above the chesapeake bay. not to mention that I have now been on a bay bridge on both coasts of this country. something about that feels a bit “full circle” to me.

    6. the year of magical thinking by joan didion – never before have I experienced grief and mourning so clearly articulated in a matter-of-fact and yet achingly beautiful way. the ordinary instant…

    7. an empty house – I was so sad when betsy left for the bright lights of nashville. but the idea of an empty house seems somehow refreshing and revitalizing. like a blank sheet of paper. a box waiting to be filled. a body ready for new challenges. a mind ready for new ideas. a heart ready for new experiences. I think I like that.

    8. tapping keys – what a lovely sort of music, the sound my fingers make on the keyboard as I type out my imagination onto a white screen. what a lovely sort of music, the ping of the letters moving up and down. the thoughts flowing from brain to fingers to keys to screen. what a lovely sort of music.

    9. thunderstorms – lately its just been so hot. and humid and suffocating. but every once in a while those clouds roll in. and the sky opens up and lets all that humidity turn into what it is meant to be. every once in a while the clouds break open and the rain falls in heavy sheets. steaming off the hot asphalt. every once in a while everything gets washed away in a flash of thunder and lightening so bright night seems like day. and I am reminded that there is always a respite. if only for a moment before the heat begins again.

    10. smiling – sometimes I wonder what would happen if I smiled at everyone I made eye contact with. on the train. walking down the street. at the bagel shops and coffee shops and grocery stores I frequent. I worry that they would think I am silly and dumb. or would they appreciate someone noticing? would they smile back?

    11. listener – this should be somewhat obvious based on this. he inspires me with his passion and honesty and slight melodrama because let’s face it – we all wish we could be a bit melodramatic every once in a while. he inspires me with his words in songs like this. and this. and of course, this.



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  • December 1, 2010

    100 things

    100 simple things in the world I love:

    1. this recording of river by the forever lovely joni mitchell.
    2. leaves crunching underneath my feet.
    3. swing sets.
    4. a good laugh right from the belly.
    5. compassion.
    6. lonely trees.
    7. freshly baked bread. or cookies. or anything really.
    8. mix tapes.
    9. being read to.
    10. funfetti frosting. on funfetti cake mix.
    11. lake tahoe sunsets.
    12. generosity.
    13. chocolate soy milk.
    14. forts made out of couch cushions.
    15. words.
    16. the mountains.
    17. the beech house.
    18. sun-dried tomato hummus.
    19. tulips.
    20. cherries.
    21. library books.
    22. avocados
    23. origami cranes.
    24. flying kites.
    25. white string lights.
    26. lavender soap.
    27. accordions.
    28. college-ruled notebook paper.
    29. open fields.
    30. blowing bubbles.
    31. friends who come to visit.
    32. grilled onions.
    33. nailpolish in fun colors. especially of the purple variety.
    34. consistency.
    35. proud dads.
    36. colorful fine-point sharpies.
    37. genuine smiles.
    38. snowmen.
    39. hugs.
    40. tea light candles.
    41. dancing.
    42. nativity scenes.
    43. polaroids.
    44. old childrens books. especially peter pan.
    45. water.
    46. waking up to the sun instead of an alarm clock.
    47. oversized coffee mugs.
    48. flowers. especially of the wild variety.
    49. the perfume I have worn since high school.
    50. sparklers.
    51. wedding photos.
    52. dangly earrings.
    53. the sound of cars driving in the rain.
    54. meltaway mints.
    55. secret passageways.
    56. collages.
    57. mini oranges. especially of the clementine variety.
    58. clean sheets.
    59. face lotion with sunscreen already in it.
    60. limes
    61. stuffing. especially of the thanksgiving variety.
    62. coloring books.
    63. rain.
    64. sunlight.
    65. nutmeg.
    66. road trips.
    67. clouds outside airplane windows.
    68. foreign films.
    69. sno-cones.
    70. crocheted blankets.
    71. sugar cubes.
    72. black and white movies. especially of the cary grant and grace kelly variety.
    73. blackest black mascara.
    74. walking.
    75. jackets.
    76. accent walls.
    77. mini candy canes.
    78. vacuuming.
    79. sail boats.
    80. wine.
    81. thesauruses.
    82. going to the movies in the middle of the day.
    83. paper lanterns.
    84. silly faces.
    85. apple picking.
    86. tree climbing.
    87. cherry chapstick.
    88. making (and eating) dinner with friends.
    89. small adventures.
    90. words that rhyme.
    91. unexpected smiles.
    92. passion.
    93. lists (natch)
    94. advent calendars.
    95. bright striped beach balls.
    96. bicycles.
    97. learning new things.
    98. re-reading childrens books.
    99. thrift stores.
    100. fountains.

    what do you love?