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  • May 29, 2014

    songs for spring (2014)


    it’s been so long since I found myself in this little corner. so long that I’m still trying to summon up the energy to come back. who knew that writing for a living would make writing for fun less so? I should have know, I suppose. anyway. I’ll eventually find my way back in fits and starts. I always do. in the meantime here’s just a few of the songs I’ve been loving this spring. (check out last year’s list here.)

    click here to download. (and please buy the albums if you like the song!)

    click here to stream on Spotify.

    song – artist – album {link to purchase}

    1. nunca – trails and ways – trilingual ep {link}

    2. thunder clatter – wild cub – youth {link}

    3. in / out – dan croll – sweet disarray {link}

    4. if you didn’t see me (then you weren’t on the dance floor) – dale earnhardt jr. jr. – the speed of things {link}

    5. dissolve me – alt-j – an awesome wave {link}

    6. lovers – brothertiger – golden years {link}

    7. bloodsport (saul sweet remix) – raleigh ritchie – black and blue ep {link} – album and spotify version are different from this one

    8. gooey – glass animals – gooey ep {link}

    9. towers (stop the car remix) – bon iver – bon iver {link} – album version is different from this one

    10. youth – daughter – if you leave {link}

    11. being alone – joachim cooder with robert francis – love on a real train {link}

    12. love like a sunset, part II – phoenix – wolfgang amadeus phoenix {link}

    13. generator ^ first floor – freelance whales – weathervanes {link}

    14. just say yes – snow patrol – up to now {link}

    15. go do – jónsi – go {link}

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  • December 18, 2013

    christmas movies…GIVEAWAY!

    UPDATE! becca garber has officially won the christmas movie GIVEAWAY! yay for becca! emailing you now to get your address…although I think I have it somewhere…

    christmas movies are the best. if you’re looking to get into the holiday spirit, just go ahead and watch one of these gems…preferably amidst of the glow of your christmas tree while holding hot chocolate and a candy cane.

    (scroll down for info on the GIVEAWAY!)

    Christmas movies
    it’s a wonderful life – because jimmy stewart and donna reed may be my favorite screen couple in the history of all screen couples.

    love actually – because I love colin and hugh in bridget jones too. but in this, they just make me melt into a puddle of christmas egg nog. colin trying to speak portuguese. oh dear me.

    little women – because I love jo and beth. I am ambivalent towards meg. and I want to punch amy in the face.

    home alone – four words: “buzz, your girlfriend. woof.”

    a charlie brown christmas – because let’s be real, if the movie was completely awful, I would still love it for the music alone. (but the movie is just the best too.)

    meet me in st. louis – because judy garland.

    joyeux noël – because this true story from world war I restores my faith in humanity. (and redeems the existence of bad santa.) plus the singing is beautiful and amazing and makes me cry. every time.

    while you were sleeping – because aside from the whole fake fiancé in a coma thing, I’m pretty sure this is one of the most romantic movies ever made. bill pullman. who knew he could be such a fox? a clumsy, nerdy, messy fox.

    I love sharing! I’m running a GIVEAWAY through the end of this week and if you win, I’ll send you one of the titles listed above. (it’s my all-time favorite!) to enter just leave a comment below and let me know what your favorite Christmas movie is!


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  • December 12, 2013

    things i miss


    today I read a ridiculous leslie knope-inspired meme about how to get through your college finals. and all of a sudden I missed college. and the time in my life when my biggest stressors centered around aforementioned finals. and writing 10-page papers at the last minute because I had first decided to watch seasons 1-4 of friends for the seventh time. here are a few other things I miss:

    1. riding a bicycle.
    2. the feeling of not having a cell phone all the time.
    3. the extra row of seats (barely) bolted into the back of the blue explorer. facing backwards, making me car-sick everytime.
    4. n’sync.
    5. watching it’s a wonderful life on christmas eve. because dad insisted it was tradition. it was also tradition that he fall asleep before the opening credits.
    6. disposable cameras.
    7. working at a coffee shop.
    8. my college apartment.
    9. jumping on the trampoline in the backyard.
    10. playing oregon trail during recess. not the computer game. actually pretending to be on the oregon trail. I was always the one who ended up getting typhoid and dying early. in the end, I guess we were kind of morbid children.
    11. star-gazing.
    12. the first blizzard of winter. snow days.
    13. mixtapes made off the radio.
    14. reading peter and wendy for the first time.
    15. seeing améile for the first time.
    16. the pacific northwest coastline.
    17. writing papers. because I’m a nerd.
    18. building homecoming floats.
    19. school pride.
    20. thanksgiving walks at fallen leaf.
    21. the first week of officially having my license.
    22. dominic’s laugh.
    23. my creaky, wobbly white metal daybed. with a trundle for sleepovers.
    24. real fires in the fireplace.
    25. powell’s.
    26. nannying.
    27. writing letters. snail mail.
    28. going to the library. summer reading challenges.
    29. lisa frank school supplies.
    30. taking naps.
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  • August 18, 2013

    26 things before 27

    photo (1)

    the birthday list took a break the past few years. and I’ve got to be honest – I really missed it. even though so many things on the list tend to be smaller in nature, it’s just nice to give myself a to-do list that isn’t based on things I have to do, but on things I really want to do but never seem to find the time for.

    so. in the wake of twenty-six. I give you…

    26 things to do before I turn 27

    1. go to the ballet.

    2. walk across st. john’s bridge. (done)

    3. get to know theo dressler. because that kid will love me if I have any say in the matter. (done)

    4. start grad school. (at least a little bit.)

    5. bake a pie from scratch.

    6. throw a nashville party. (done)

    7. spend one quiet day in my favorite city. full of books. and coffee. and a friend who I’ve known for so long, but too rarely seen. (done)

    8. write more letters.

    9. take a day trip to chattanooga. (done)

    10. take a weekend trip to asheville.

    11. sample whiskey at its source.

    12. celebrate summer at the woods.

    13. learn to let it go. (again. it needs to be on the list again. because sometimes I am just too sensitive for my own good. ugh.)

    14. cook up some sprouted kitchen.

    15. france. maybe france. I’m not sure if it’s feasible at this point but a girl can dream, can’t she?

    16. master the art of lightroom.

    17. photobooth at the ace hotel. (done)

    18. read the biography of an amazing woman I don’t know about yet. (suggestions please?)

    19. fill a room with balloons. because who doesn’t love a room full of balloons?

    20. learn how to develop my own film.

    21. hit the porter flea. (done)

    22. fill up the pictorial webster’s with my own words.

    23. get one more little permanent mark.

    24. volunteer at the nashville rescue mission.

    25. add to the record collection.

    26. buy a typewriter. that actually types.



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  • August 13, 2013



    pic name pic name

    2013-08-03 12.09.28

    pic name pic name


    pic name pic name

    26 was ushered in without much pomp and circumstance. in fact, I was traveling for work, so it was ushered in without any pomp and circumstance at all. don’t get me wrong – I was celebrated mightily on the days before 26 and the day of 26 found me overwhelmed by cards hidden in suitcases and so much technological love my phone almost died taking it all in. (including a photo montage of an almost 2-year-old signing me “happy birthday” which was, obviously, the best.) but that 31st day of july was spent on a lot of traveling and not a lot of talking to real, live human beings except to say things like, well, I suppose you may pat me down because the security screening thought my shirt buttons were a bomb. and the closest I came to actually being wished a happy birthday in person was when the man selling me wine had to look at my ID. he didn’t notice though…apparently, they don’t card too carefully out there in colorado. but to be honest, I was okay with that. for an introvert who misses clean mountain air like its my job, driving through the rockies with bon iver on the stereo was kind of a present in itself.

    what did happen on the days that 26 became a reality was this:

    1. plane rides with 6-year-old boys who started out as strangers but bonded over shared gummy bears and talk of favorite superheroes. my heart melted into a little puddle right there on my tray-table.

    2. almost car accidents with bear watchers. stopped in the middle of the road. on a blind curve. tahoe or estes park – tourists are always just the same.

    3. free bouquets of sunflowers from the sweet gentleman of a florist at safeway because he “needed the room.” if that’s not the best unintentional birthday present ever, I don’t know what is.

    4. eating dinner alone in a restaurant for the first time. a real restaurant. you know, the kind where you sit and order and try not to look too, “I will one day be an old maid with lots of cats” while sandwiched between couples reaching over candle light and families laughing boisterously. turns out, it’s not nearly as awkward as I thought. although don’t expect me to get into the habit of it anytime soon.

    5. a lovely little lake named lilly and the beetle bugs that are (nature at its worst!) eating all the trees around it.

    6. night that is NIGHT (no city lights to dim the darkness here, thank you very much). the milky way. shooting bits of fire a million miles away. stars for miles and miles. stars that remind me of abraham and promises and futures greater than the reality of life as we know it.

    7. stories of strength and dignity in africa that remind me why I’m here. the passion of others rubbing off on me. the honoring of those who have made the story so much of what it is. the reminder couldn’t have come at a better time. the reminder was needed more than ever.

    8. sunrise coffee and reading on the back deck to gain a little perspective before chaos ensues. the bit of calm before somehow always gets me through the storm.

    9. curvy, cliffy roads that feel more natural to me than highways and byways. when you learn how to drive in mountaintop blizzards, you feel a lot more confident on cliffs than you do in traffic.

    10. mountain wildflowers. for days and days and days.

    11. sunset from the highest road in north america. above the tree-line. inside the clouds. atop arctic tundra. amidst big-horned sheep and massive elk and even a porcupine to boot.

    12. a miniature donkey named stella.

    colorado I love you. mountains I love you. humidity back in nashville…well, you are just killing me.



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  • June 4, 2013

    life in a snow globe

    so there’s this awesome thing called nablopomo. it stands for NAtional BLog POsting MOnth. officially, it’s annually in november, but it’s so popular that it’s kind of an every month thing too. this month, the theme is roots. not saying I will write about that topic exclusively, but I do want to try to write on the daily, so maybe this will keep me going. I’m already a day late. but here’s hoping.


    thinking about roots makes me think about tahoe. for obvious reasons, because that’s where I grew up. but for not so obvious reasons too. I will be the first to admit – as soon as I graduated from high school I ran as fast and far out of there as I could. and I never really looked back. and I definitely don’t regret all the places I’ve lived and experiences I’ve had since then. but that place. it just kind of sticks with you in ways that you can’t really explain. and now, every time I go home, I am increasingly thankful that I got to grow up there. and increasingly sad to live so far away. because like most things that are good in quiet, unassuming ways, I totally took it all for granted.

    so yes, if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you will call me a cheater for reposting this little list from a few years ago. but really, I couldn’t start a month about “roots” without talking about some of my favorite lessons from that little hometown of mine.


    1. how to build an epic snowman. it’s all about the accessories. obviously.

    2. how to shovel a car out of snow. while there’s still a blizzard going on. my dad thought this would be a good lesson for me to learn. he thought it would make me appreciate life and my car and the world around me. it did not.

    3. how to exploit nature. yes, I was the girl who sold you a pine cone from my backyard for $5. yes, I could negotiate up to $20 for a sugar pine. yes, you were the dumb tourist who agreed to all of this. don’t even ask me how much I made selling tiny bottles of water containing the different “colors” of the lake (food coloring was most certainly involved).


    4. how to drive a boat before learning how to drive a car. also, who even gets to learn how to windsurf these days? regular surfing is so overrated in my opinion.

    5. how to stack firewood like a boss. every summer, my dad would come home with loads and loads of huge rounds of timber. and every fall, we would have “family fun day, “during which we formed a dysfunctional sort of assembly line in order to cut and stack all that damn wood for the winter. I don’t know if I would call it “fun” but I did learn my way around a giant wood splitter. and my spatial abilities when it comes to stacking hundreds of logs are unmatched. these skills come in handy all the time in my life as a lumberjack. oh wait…


    6. how to wear a halloween costume over a snowsuit. or how to wear a snowsuit as a halloween costume. (see bunny ears channeling my good friend, ralphie.)

    7. how to get hopelessly lost in the wilderness and not worry about it. my unbeatable lack of navigation proved itself at a young age when I would be playing in the forest that was my backyard and suddenly find myself completely lost. after the third time I stopped even worrying about it. I knew I would find my way back somehow. or mom would send the police to find me.


    8. how to apply snow chains. yes, I learned on a four-wheeler.

    9. how to drive on ice and in snowstorms. I became so talented that I would often drive to school in a complete blizzard unfazed. while applying makeup. skills. and complete stupidity.

    10. how to “keep tahoe blue!” and “don’t feed the bears!” the two favorite town taglines taught me the importance of water clarity. and the fact that if you leave food open in your car you may have a bear living inside it by the morning.


    11. how to appreciate nature. terrifically cliche to say, I know. but let’s face it. how can you live in a town surrounded by snow covered mountains, with north america’s second largest fresh-water lake right in the middle and not understand, at least a little bit, the vast intricacy and phenomenal beauty of the natural world? and did I mention? stars for days out there, folks. the. best.


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  • May 22, 2013

    songs for spring


    as promised on monday (don’t forget about the GIVEAWAY!), I have another little gift for you all today. the last few days have been full of lots of writing, so today, I will just leave you with this – some of my favorite songs from the past few months.

    Click here to download.

    Click here to find on Spotify. (it’s missing the two bonus tracks)

    song – artist – album – link {link}

    1. á tout á l’heure – bibio – silver wilkinson {link}

    2. how long must I wait – dr. dog – feel the void {link}

    3. breakers – local natives – hummingbird {link}

    4. featherstone – the paper kites – woodland ep {link}

    5. wild country – wake owl – wild country ep {link}

    6. genevieve – lucius – lucius ep {link}

    7. o’ be joyful – shovels & rope – o’ be joyful {link}

    8. wiseman – frank ocean – (bonus track)

    9. futile devices – sufjan stevens – age of adz {link}

    10. tessallate – alt-j – an awesome wave {link}

    11. within dreams – the album leaf – a chorus of storytellers {link}

    12. april come she will – simon & garfunkel – sounds of silence {link}

    13. song for zula – phosphorescent – muchacho {link}

    14. to the river – james wallace & the naked light – more strange news from another star {link}

    15. we don’t eat – james vincent mcmorrow – early in the morning {link}

    16. shiver – lucy rose – (bonus track)

    17. she lit a fire – lord huron – lonesome dreams {link}

    18. 1957 – milo greene – milo greene {link}

    19. the john wayne – little green cars – absolute zero {link}

    20. in between days – the cure – the head on the door {link}

    21. this must be the place – talking heads – speaking in tongues {link}




  • January 27, 2012

    in the bag

    when I was 6 the contents of my tiny disney princess purse were all the things a little girl thinking she is an adult needs. my little pony wallet. dr. pepper bonne bell. and on sundays, the precious moments bible.

    now I am 24 and the bag is bigger. quite a bit bigger. now I live in a place where I spend well over an hour on public transportation everyday. and I am always moving from one thing to the next. and that one bag carries around all the elements of my everyday, ordinary life. sometimes I wish I still had that disney princess purse though.

    things in my bag on any given day:

    bible – I’ll admit, the precious moments one had better pictures.

    a diary of private prayer – the way he prays is absolutely magnificent. a game-changer, really.

    book of the week – granted, I’ve been reading Les Mis for quite a few.

    camera – because I really like to take pictures. and I’m still working on that pesky courage thing.

    notebook – because one must always be ready when the urge to play “harriet the spy” strikes.

    metro card – that thing is like gold. gold, I tell you.

    ipod – how else am I going to drown out the deafening silence of my commute?

    planner – yes, I know there is also one on my phone. but I just really love writing things down.

    cherry chapsitck – the grown-up equivalent to bonne bell. although not as cool as dr. pepper flavor.

    phone – we all say it’s for emergencies, but let’s be honest, it’s for everything else too.

    wallet – it has a lot more stuff than the my little pony wallet. but not much more money.

    keys – because I occasionally need to get somewhere.

    various writing utensils – always more than one. always a multitude colors. please do not ask me why.

    gloves – fingerless is important. because I have lots of things with pages that need to be turned.

    what’s in your bag?

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  • January 26, 2012

    phrases i overuse

    someday I’ll figure out why I say the things I say. I’ll trace back all these little phrases to their origin. the best friend. the kids at youth group. the episode of friends. I know they all came from someone. because sometimes I just really like the way certain words sound together. and so I say them in succession over and over. and over. someday I’ll figure out just why that is.

    but right now it is late and I am tired and I have approximately 27 minutes to post or this whole nablopomo thing will be bust. and so the list is short tonight. the list of phrases I overuse.

    1. here’s the thing.

    2. I think I might die. (sometimes I exaggerate. just sometimes.)

    3. are you kidding me?

    4. in my mind…

    5. hey friend!

    6. so good!

    7. that’s amazing!

    8. let’s be real.

    9. oh no. (just like phoebe says it.)

    10. that’s great.

    11. for the most part.

    12. may or may not…

    13. my favorite thing ever. (see #2)

    14. well, there’s that.

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  • January 1, 2012


    just because it’s the new year. and just because we want to kick off january nablopomo right. a short list of things to begin in this most auspicious and wonderful year. please note that these are NOT new years resolutions. I will not succumb to those…

    1. get that old (new to me) record player working. if I can’t listen to bon iver on vinyl soon I might explode.

    2. load up the new (old) canon.

    3. chalk it up. share some secrets. reveal the details.

    4. get my butt to another country.

    5. write. write. write.

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