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  • May 29, 2014

    songs for spring (2014)


    it’s been so long since I found myself in this little corner. so long that I’m still trying to summon up the energy to come back. who knew that writing for a living would make writing for fun less so? I should have know, I suppose. anyway. I’ll eventually find my way back in fits and starts. I always do. in the meantime here’s just a few of the songs I’ve been loving this spring. (check out last year’s list here.)

    click here to download. (and please buy the albums if you like the song!)

    click here to stream on Spotify.

    song – artist – album {link to purchase}

    1. nunca – trails and ways – trilingual ep {link}

    2. thunder clatter – wild cub – youth {link}

    3. in / out – dan croll – sweet disarray {link}

    4. if you didn’t see me (then you weren’t on the dance floor) – dale earnhardt jr. jr. – the speed of things {link}

    5. dissolve me – alt-j – an awesome wave {link}

    6. lovers – brothertiger – golden years {link}

    7. bloodsport (saul sweet remix) – raleigh ritchie – black and blue ep {link} – album and spotify version are different from this one

    8. gooey – glass animals – gooey ep {link}

    9. towers (stop the car remix) – bon iver – bon iver {link} – album version is different from this one

    10. youth – daughter – if you leave {link}

    11. being alone – joachim cooder with robert francis – love on a real train {link}

    12. love like a sunset, part II – phoenix – wolfgang amadeus phoenix {link}

    13. generator ^ first floor – freelance whales – weathervanes {link}

    14. just say yes – snow patrol – up to now {link}

    15. go do – jónsi – go {link}

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  • June 14, 2013

    a few from the weekend


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    it’s almost this weekend. but I’m still processing last weekend. so much good packed into a little bit of chaos:

    saturday morning brunch at cafe fundamental with lovely shanna (photo credit on that first one). quiche and coffee and a pear and almond pastry that is not to be messed with.

    bubbles blowing in the playhouse and berries picking in the yard. grow faster, little berries! you are delicious!

    quick runs to 8th avenue antiques and barista parlor and even a bit of reading thrown in.

    celebrating almost one year at blood:water mission (are you kidding me?!) with an arrested development-themed event. buster bluth is my favorite renaissance man. archeologistjuice lover. motherboy. sometimes coma patient. tony hale is even better. hilarious and kind. blood:water advocate. not at all given to crippling panic attacks. a genuinely wonderful and authentic human being.

    the young international kicking things off. wishing I could have heard more instead of making a quick change and running off to…

    wedding celebrating! my first nashville friend and the boy she used to come visit in dc. marveling at how life just comes together in such a perfect circle sometimes.

    brunch number 2 (this time at marché) because dear friends were in town and because I became a honest-to-goodness member of a church (for the first time since, well, ever). and also because you can never have brunch too many times.

    shovels and rope. at the ryman. after a wait that felt like forever, but was totally worth it. fun and wonderful and life giving. and this song. be still my heart.

    and a little band called dawes. I was a bit skeptical at first. but oh, what a talented bunch they are. from california, no less! lately, all I hear are songs about tennessee and mississippi the mason dixon line. but they sang about san francisco and the western skyline. and all that west coast pride came flooding back. along with the smallest measure of homesickness for mountains and evergreens and dry heat (god, this humidity might be the death of me). and it sure made me glad that in just a few weeks time that’s exactly where I’ll be.




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  • May 22, 2013

    songs for spring


    as promised on monday (don’t forget about the GIVEAWAY!), I have another little gift for you all today. the last few days have been full of lots of writing, so today, I will just leave you with this – some of my favorite songs from the past few months.

    Click here to download.

    Click here to find on Spotify. (it’s missing the two bonus tracks)

    song – artist – album – link {link}

    1. á tout á l’heure – bibio – silver wilkinson {link}

    2. how long must I wait – dr. dog – feel the void {link}

    3. breakers – local natives – hummingbird {link}

    4. featherstone – the paper kites – woodland ep {link}

    5. wild country – wake owl – wild country ep {link}

    6. genevieve – lucius – lucius ep {link}

    7. o’ be joyful – shovels & rope – o’ be joyful {link}

    8. wiseman – frank ocean – (bonus track)

    9. futile devices – sufjan stevens – age of adz {link}

    10. tessallate – alt-j – an awesome wave {link}

    11. within dreams – the album leaf – a chorus of storytellers {link}

    12. april come she will – simon & garfunkel – sounds of silence {link}

    13. song for zula – phosphorescent – muchacho {link}

    14. to the river – james wallace & the naked light – more strange news from another star {link}

    15. we don’t eat – james vincent mcmorrow – early in the morning {link}

    16. shiver – lucy rose – (bonus track)

    17. she lit a fire – lord huron – lonesome dreams {link}

    18. 1957 – milo greene – milo greene {link}

    19. the john wayne – little green cars – absolute zero {link}

    20. in between days – the cure – the head on the door {link}

    21. this must be the place – talking heads – speaking in tongues {link}




  • January 29, 2012

    son lux

    wordless weekends are not so much about wordless music anymore. lately, its just about music that catches me off guard and has me playing it on repeat for days and days. music that slips in quietly behind the scenes and completely makes my day.

    like this guy. who created this album in 28 days. start to finish. 28 days. are you kidding me?

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  • January 17, 2012

    olafur arnalds

    one more beautiful song for wordless weekend while I am trying to order all my thoughts.

    one more night to wonder if I can really say all that I want to say.

    but he makes a lot of things seem more possible than I think they are.

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  • December 7, 2011

    our winter skin


    number five on the list and friends, I am excited about this one. I have have finally created my winter mixtape and have been listening to it nonstop since thanksgiving. and in this season of giving I thought I would share it with you too. you can download it here. (tip: arrange by album once it’s in itunes).


    cover art from the library of congress.


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  • October 27, 2011


    friends. here it is. I know you have been waiting forever. I know I have. shared with me by a good friend. directed by her amazing brother. featuring one talented guy. who knew that freezing and thawing a typewriter in a big block of ice could be so…magical?

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  • August 4, 2011

    not too often.

    oh bon iver. how I wish I could live next door to you and hear you creating this music all the time. I would have to live in wisconsin. but I might be okay with that.

    it’s not too often that you experience something so full of beauty that you feel you might burst under the weight of it. not too often that, in a room with 1200 other people, you experience something that feels intensely intimate. not too often that a silly little piece of music somehow causes the sacred to crash into the secular, merging the two so you cannot begin to pull them apart to dissect how they might differ. not too often that you are smiling throughout an entire two-hour show. not too often that simple little chords and words and melodies make you giggle (yes, giggle) with unadulterated, innocent, pure joy. that is, right up until they bring tears of feeling understood and a little bit less alone in this crazy world. not too often that a concert makes you write posts on your blog that seem just a little bit over-dramatic and extreme and silly because you just can’t seem to find the words to explain how completely amazing the experience was. not too often.

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  • June 18, 2011


    in my hiatus from blogging I was not, in fact, hiatusing from inspiration. there was a ton of inspiration to be had. more than I can even list. but here are just a few things that have done the job over the past few months.

    1. weekend vacations – often times, being what some might call an “adult” is overwhelmingly hard. sometimes you just feel inadequate and ill equipped to rise to the challenge. but the good thing about being what some might call an “adult” is that in these moments you also have the ability to step away. to get out of town just for a weekend. to give yourself a break. to remind yourself that your heart is beating and pulsing and regenerating. to think and imagine and create. and it is really great when being what some might call an “adult” means you can rent a hotel room all by yourself. and wander around annapolis. and write. and take pictures of people resting and breathing just as you are resting and breathing.

    2. let the great world spin by collum mccann – how wonderful to find a little book that makes you happy you are alive and know how to read. the images he paints with his words are just incredible. and for a little while his characters became my best friends. only the greatest of books can do that.

    3. fear – it seems antithetical. but sometimes the best inspiration for action is fear. fear of things changing. of things staying the same. fear of loss. of gain. fear of God.

    4. helplessness blues by fleet foxes – I can’t stop listening to them. it is a problem. their harmonies are perfect like simon and garfunkle. their lyrics are indelible and raw and honest. and all those instruments being traded around the stage and played impeccably by any one of the six members? I just can’t get enough. I am pretty sure I need to move back to the pnw as soon as possible so I can increase my chances of meeting robin pecknold.

    5. the bay bridge – so long and high and suspended in that beautiful, impossible way. it goes on forever in a way that makes you think that if you just keep driving straight you will drive right out into that hazy sky above the chesapeake bay. not to mention that I have now been on a bay bridge on both coasts of this country. something about that feels a bit “full circle” to me.

    6. the year of magical thinking by joan didion – never before have I experienced grief and mourning so clearly articulated in a matter-of-fact and yet achingly beautiful way. the ordinary instant…

    7. an empty house – I was so sad when betsy left for the bright lights of nashville. but the idea of an empty house seems somehow refreshing and revitalizing. like a blank sheet of paper. a box waiting to be filled. a body ready for new challenges. a mind ready for new ideas. a heart ready for new experiences. I think I like that.

    8. tapping keys – what a lovely sort of music, the sound my fingers make on the keyboard as I type out my imagination onto a white screen. what a lovely sort of music, the ping of the letters moving up and down. the thoughts flowing from brain to fingers to keys to screen. what a lovely sort of music.

    9. thunderstorms – lately its just been so hot. and humid and suffocating. but every once in a while those clouds roll in. and the sky opens up and lets all that humidity turn into what it is meant to be. every once in a while the clouds break open and the rain falls in heavy sheets. steaming off the hot asphalt. every once in a while everything gets washed away in a flash of thunder and lightening so bright night seems like day. and I am reminded that there is always a respite. if only for a moment before the heat begins again.

    10. smiling – sometimes I wonder what would happen if I smiled at everyone I made eye contact with. on the train. walking down the street. at the bagel shops and coffee shops and grocery stores I frequent. I worry that they would think I am silly and dumb. or would they appreciate someone noticing? would they smile back?

    11. listener – this should be somewhat obvious based on this. he inspires me with his passion and honesty and slight melodrama because let’s face it – we all wish we could be a bit melodramatic every once in a while. he inspires me with his words in songs like this. and this. and of course, this.



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  • June 7, 2011

    wooden heart

    I have loved this song for so long and for so many reasons. and if I could imagine the perfect images to go with it, these would be them.

    a small warning: maybe don’t watch this on a saturday afternoon in the middle of a crowded coffee shop. its beauty and honesty will make you cry. and then you may feel awkward when you look up and people are giving you odd looks of concern and confusion.

    but please watch it. as big as you can make it (all you have to do is click on the little arrows in the bottom right). and more than once. and then tell me what you think.

    back in march in the midst of regrouping, this song was getting me through so many things. in its own way, bringing order to the chaos I was feeling in and around me. and now here is the official video and I can’t really believe how great it is. and how well it fits into the images I had in my mind whenever the song played.

    thanks to my wonderful friend with the wonderful blog, I found it this weekend. it was actually directed by her super cool brother, whom I don’t know, but often wish I did because of how he captures light and details in videos like this one (and also in this one).

    I love his voice. the cadence of his tone and how it mixes with the words. I love the melody. the slightly distorted simplicity of it. I love the way he is honest and raw and slightly dramatic in a way I wish I could be sometimes. but mostly it’s those lyrics. lyrics like this: I know that we are all made out of shipwrecks, every single board. but also like this: but we pick ourselves up, and try and grow better through the change. and definitely like this: everything falls apart at the exact same time that is all comes together perfectly for the next step. how they show me life is broken. but also full of hope. and beauty. and a small glimpse of what is to come.

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